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Watching your teen try to navigate through stress and anxiety can be a frustrating and frightening experience for parents.

You may want to help your teen, but struggle to know how, especially if your teen is withdrawn, defiant, or too stressed to focus.

The Girls Learning to Overcome Worry (G.L.O.W.) Program is a supplemental online program designed to help teens understand anxiety and learn healthy ways to manage it in a supportive environment.

Anxiety often makes you feel isolated and alone. The healing process can be difficult for girls when they feel like they are the only ones experiencing these challenges. A group setting allows girls to hear from others with similar experiences and gives them a sense of comfort and relief knowing they are not alone.

This program provides your teen with tips, tools and skills to help minimize anxious thoughts and feelings, through recognizing body sensations and triggers developing more mindfulness and coping strategies.

Utilizing over 23 years of experience as a child and adolescent therapist, I have designed this program, which includes a combination of group coaching, workshops, and parent education.

The Girls Learning to Overcome Worry (G.L.O.W.) Program includes…

Live Bi-weekly Group Coaching Sessions: During these interactive, peer supported sessions, we will discuss successes and challenges, the coping skill topic of the month and how to apply that topic to their everyday lives. After each session, teens will be given tasks to complete to help reinforce topics discussed and reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Live Monthly Virtual Workshops: These workshops are focused on different coping skills to help manage anxiety. These interactive education sessions allows teens to ask questions and engage with their peers. If your teen cannot make the live session, don’t worry. These sessions are recorded and can be accessed at any time, while your teen remains a member of the program.

Parent Resources: Articles and other resources will be available to parents on our membership portal. The purpose of these resources is to help you, the parent, understand your teen’s anxiety and how to better support her.

Online Membership Portal: Teens and parents can have access to the online portal where worksheets, journal prompts, workshops replays, and other resources are posted.

Age Groups: Currently we have two sections of the program available: one for high schoolers and the other for middle schoolers.

Change is possible.

Relief is here.

*This is a coping skills focused group coaching program and NOT group therapy.

If you have questions about our program, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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