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Due to Covid-19, we are only conducting virtual classes.

Our course provides an overview of the fundamentals of etiquette while developing character traits such as respect, compassion, and courtesy. The curriculum fuses traditional etiquette with modern themes and fun activities, which are designed to enhance the social and emotional well being of every student that completes our program.

Model Behavior

 Girls will learn tips on posture to carry themselves with grace and poise.  In addition, girls will discuss ways to show respect and consideration for others and learn expected behaviors in social settings.

Delightful Dining

During this class, girls will learn to confidently navigate their way through any meal.  They will be taught how to set a basic table setting, the 5 uses of the napkin, the purpose of each utensil, and behaviors at the table.

Confident Communication

Girls will learn the secrets of healthy communication, as they learn basic conversation skills, how to make introductions and shake hands. Cell phone and cyber etiquette will also be taught.