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Who’s Fault Is It?

Have you ever wondered why your teen goes from being pleasant and cooperative to blowing up at you or trying to hurt herself for apparently no reason? There may be a reason. The Biosocial Theory states that emotional dysregulation is the result of both nature and nurture.  Some children ... READ the POST

What Validation Looks Like

Validation is letting your teen know that you 'get it.' It means you’re taking her feelings seriously, not judging her, and can see things from her perspective.  Unknowingly, parents often minimize their teens' feelings.  They may say something like, "Don’t worry about it," or "Calm ... READ the POST

It’s All in the Mind…

One of the most fundamental components of Girls Learning to Manage Mood DBT group is mindfulness. It’s the one skill that is practiced during every session and repeated throughout the course. The reason it’s practiced so much is mindfulness is the key to managing emotions, handling stress, ... READ the POST

How Does Being Mindful Help?

When your body thinks you are in a fearful situation (even when there’s no real danger), it prepares you for that danger by revving up your body (like faster breathing, rapid heartbeat, and tense muscles).   There are some techniques you can use to help decrease those physical symptoms and ... READ the POST

Don’t Stress About The Test

It’s natural for your teen to be nervous before a test, but they may need help if their discomfort is too intense. When a student forgets the answers they knew the night before or becomes so flustered that they fail to follow instructions, they may be experiencing test anxiety. Many education ... READ the POST